Step 1 to digital transformation: it all starts with network automation

May 10th 2022

Step 1 to digital transformation: it all starts with network automation

Give the customer the experience they deserve, not what the network is limiting.

In previous articles we’ve been exploring the drivers for network automation, and ultimately it boils down to making sure your infrastructure doesn’t let your customers down.

In short: be where the customer is, and give the customer what they want.

It’s crucial for Fintech organisations to be nimble and yet highly secure. In the past this was often an oxymoron, with security restricting agility, however network infrastructure has now evolved to meet these needs head on.

Achieving the ability to be nimble plus highly secure requires composability & fast learning - only this gives your network infrastructure the flexibility to respond quickly to changes, while not compromising security. And this is where network automation comes in.

Network automation removes the bottlenecks within teams

Managing networks has become infinitely more complex, and traditional management methods simply can’t keep up. There’s no neat and tidy line any more, where the corporate environment ends and external resources begin.

Automated networks deliver the speed, reliability and security that the business needs, at incredible scale. Users need to be able to access any applications without issue, including connectivity problems and security blockers.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) the network can proactively restore service outages, reducing the time needed to identify and fix problems and improve overall service levels.

Software is used to automate network provisioning & management, and is able to quickly adapt to changing demands on the network, while simultaneously handling security threats and risks. The automation not only delivers functionality but works to continuously maximise network performance.

Why is it important for digital transformation?

Fintech organisations live and die based on their network performance, and if digital transformation is at the top of your agenda then network automation can give you the edge you need. New functionality can be added quickly through composability, and included immediately in security and network provisioning as a result.

This means you can react quickly to consumer trends and needs as well as new regulations, and deliver the new services immediately, securely and with high performance.

What should you think about next?

Network automation is an inevitability, and offers organisations the chance to outrun competitors in the race for the digital dominance so crucial in Fintech.

As it’s relatively new on the scene, the skills needed to deliver the benefits from automation will most certainly be an issue. With Cisco at the forefront of the hardware and infrastructure innovation scale, and BestPath’s track record of delivering benefits quickly in the banking and finance sector, you’re in no safer hands.

If you need help with a digital transformation or network automation project, we’re here to help. Book a consultation with us here.