How to deliver faster projects and take new products to market quicker with automation

August 30th 2022

How to deliver faster projects and take new products to market quicker with automation

Disruption fuelled by the pandemic has changed public perception of the level of service that can be attained using digital technology. They know it's no longer the stuff of futuristic science fiction—it's possible now. This means customers increasingly expect businesses to use digital channels to provide an efficient, enhanced customer experience and a choice of ways to interact.

For businesses, the challenge is how to meet these expectations. It's one thing to design the perfect customer-focused app, but another thing entirely to make sure the app integrates effectively with internal IT systems.

And of course, if it doesn't quite integrate as it should, the impact on customer engagement can be catastrophic. So, it comes as no surprise that Forrester have identified 'future-proofing the technology stack' as a key activity for customer service organisations1.

To create the experience that customers want, both for product upgrades and when launching new products, it's vital to get your infrastructure right, using automation of common workflows to simplify application provisioning and deliver a consistent, superior level of service.

Consistency is a major benefit of network automation

Where data centres are upgraded manually, consistency is likely to drift. Any lack of consistency at this stage can create problems further down the line, resulting in an unreliable customer experience and damage to the reputation of the business

Automation can facilitate better use of existing company know-how

Divert resources from the manual process budget to focus on the set-up of automations, as this enables additional team members to bring their experience into the build process.

Using automation, cost of labour at the build phase may be reduced by 75%.2

Deliver connectivity faster

There is no need for a product launch to fail because new technologies haven't been adopted quickly enough at the necessary scale. Use automation to save time on provisioning new environments for customers.

Massive time and cost savings are achievable

Automation savings are particularly impressive with large scale projects due to reusability—once automation has been optimised for a single data centre, rollout to other data centres will produce greater cost savings as the exploratory work has already been done.

Businesses using BestPath have seen data center build time reduced by as much as 87%.2

Incorporate pre-validation to speed up delivery

Bring pre-validation steps into automations, which conform with the standards a business aligns with, to deliver projects faster.

No need to compromise on security and compliance

The consistency achieved using automation supports security and compliance, with data logging and reporting enabling swift action to be taken if any breaches are detected.

Work with an expert partner for rapid results

A partner such as BestPath can help you devise a strategy with realistic, achievable deadlines. Choose a partner who will provide the necessary expertise to drive automation, whether for building data centres or onboarding applications.

Need to migrate your system from legacy to a new platform?

BestPath have the experience and product knowledge to leverage automation capabilities at scale, to help you get your new product to market quicker.

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