Case Study: Driving Innovation and Operational Effectiveness for a Leading Automotive Brand

May 15th 2024

Case Study:

Driving Innovation and Operational Effectiveness for a Leading Automotive Brand



Our client, a leading automotive brand, recognized the imperative of maintaining constant innovation while managing risks and operational effectiveness within their IT infrastructure. With the challenges posed by seasonal demands and critical infrastructure projects, the Client sought a solution to maximise opportunities for innovation while minimising operational disruptions.

Phase 1: Assessment and Planning

To kickstart the project, our expert consultants collaborated with various teams within the Client's organisation. Through comprehensive assessments, we identified project requirements, timelines, potential challenges, and opportunities for quick wins. This phase provided valuable insights into the Client's unique needs, culminating in a detailed plan that addressed technical upgrades, operational continuity, resource allocation, budgeting, and timeline management.

Phase 2: Implementation

Armed with a meticulous plan, our team, alongside the Client's, embarked on a 24/7 resource-intensive implementation phase spanning four consecutive days. This phase involved deploying new network hardware and software models to enhance bandwidth, scalability, redundancy, and operational effectiveness. Key actions included deploying high-performance switches, upgrading software for increased bandwidth, repurposing hardware, and enhancing virtualized network functions. The final step involved relocating critical infrastructure to a new campus location to facilitate future business service and infrastructure moves.

Phase 3: Testing and Optimisation

Post-implementation, rigorous testing was imperative to ensure operational readiness. Collaborating closely with Client engineers, we simulated various scenarios to validate infrastructure health and orchestrate failover situations. This phase unearthed potential errors and problem areas, ensuring a smooth transition for subsequent critical works.

Phase 4: Rollout and User Adoption

Upon completion, the upgraded network was ready for deployment. BestPath maintained continuous communication and attended the go-live day to ensure a seamless transition for users returning to business operations. The meticulous planning and thorough testing paid off, resulting in a seamless rollout.

Success Beyond Measure

With the new network infrastructure in place, the Client experienced a remarkable transformation, achieving results that often take organisations weeks or months to realise. Enhanced network stability bolstered confidence in infrastructure capabilities, empowering the Client to proactively pursue further improvements.


What began as a response to network frustrations culminated in a triumph of foresight, determination, and pursuit of excellence. The collaborative effort between BestPath and the Client exemplifies the power of innovation-driven partnerships in overcoming challenges and driving operational effectiveness.