Lunch and Learn: Practical automation of Cisco ACI using Ansible and Gitops

Learn how from an expert on everything needed to get started with Network Automation

Many questions, many answers, a whiteboard, and a free lunch.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of managing Cisco ACI configurations? It’s time to embrace the future with automation. Learn how Ansible and GitOps can not only simplify your configuration tasks but also enhance delivery speed, ensure consistency, and free up valuable time for your deployment teams.

Why This Webinar Is a Must-Attend:

BestPath is leading the charge in automation excellence. Our experience in designing, deploying, and managing over 20 ACI fabrics for major corporations has enabled us to develop a sophisticated, effective automation practice. We’re eager to pass on our knowledge and insights to you.

What You’ll Learn:

Prepare to elevate your automation skills beyond mere scripting. Our interactive session will guide you through the essential steps to implement your first automated pipeline successfully, including:

  • Lab Setup & Essential Tools: Kickstart your journey with the right foundation.
  • Automation Essentials: Grasp the core concepts that make automation a game-changer.
  • GitOps in Action: Dive into a real-world GitOps scenario that brings clarity to theory.
  • Beyond Basics: Transition from simple scripts and text files to sophisticated automation strategies.
  • Interactive Q&A: Your questions, our answers. Let's solve your automation puzzles together.

12:00pm – 1:30pm
2nd May 2024

New Broad Street House,
35 New Broad Street,
London, EC2M 1NH

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